Spacious Place Engage Ltd is an innovative Social Enterprise. Specialising in engagement with some of the most vulnerable local people, we provide stability and support. Our aim is to assist individuals as they move from a point of genuine need into a place of hope and opportunity.Life can sometimes close in on people and surround them with restrictions. By focusing on an individual’s strengths and resilience, we help to create the space to journey away from need.

encouraging interdependence and empowering transformation

Based in Burnley, Lancashire, our work is focused primarily in our local community, whilst addressing national issues and need. Our holistic approach involves a number of practical services, including our Home Delivery Food Bank . All of our community driven services are supported by our enterprise initiative SPE Furnishings.

Developed to help people through a difficult time of genuine need, the Spacious Place Engage Food Bank delivers food to thousands of local people.


New or recycled paint at affordable prices. Providing practical assistance for those in crisis and reducing landfill.




A community retailer, supporting the community in which it trades. Furniture and paint, alongside ethical savings and loan advice.