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The Spacious Place Engagement to Employment Model is an old concept with a modern twist. During the Industrial Revolution, forward thinking mill owners understood that a well-educated, well paid and well cared for workforce were not only more productive, but had greater capacity for responsibility and learning.

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Spacious Place work with individuals who may not have been provided with the same opportunities as others with more stable lifestyles. We open the door of opportunity to begin a journey into employment, financial stability and personal well-being. We address immediate need, understanding how difficult it is to consider stable employment if circumstances have become too difficult to manage alone.

Through a structured programme, individuals will have the opportunity to work with Spacious Place, from a point of initial introduction, taking planned and purposeful steps into a future of stability. Our programmes are bespoke, with the individual in mind. We are interested in future aspirations, not just immediate circumstances. Covering practical work experience, alongside well-being support and financial management, programmes are accessible to all.

The programme brings together the experience and expertise of Spacious Place and other local business’ to offer practical assistance and personal support. Alongside our network of partners, we are committed to building sustainable organisations and developing businesses that are focused on people as well as profit.