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Spacious Place operates in venues across our region. We believe heavily in local community and the importance of the history of where we are placed. An understanding of history helps us to shape future.

Slater Terrace
Slater Terrace is the home of Spacious Place Contact and the office location for Spacious Place Construct. Slater Terrace was an unusual row of two up two down houses built above a warehouse by George Slater for his workers. They were slightly better quality than the typical housing of the time.

George Slater was born in 1807. He employed over 300 people and built and managed three mills in Sandygate. He had a major influence on the landscape here and on the development of cotton manufacturing in Burnley, at a time when the town was the cotton weaving capital of the world.
Canal & River Trust 2013

Unit 1
Our Spacious Place engagement facility, Unit 1 is located on the former site of Trafalgar Shed in Burnley. Early weaving sheds were usually added to existing spinning mills, but later in the 19th century, as Burnley began to concentrate on weaving, factories were built solely for this purpose. Trafalgar Shed was used for this purpose and was hugely influential in the areas textiles production. The shed was often used as an initial engagement venue for new workers into the weaving industry.

Unit 1 houses the engagement and support work of Spacious Place and provides a base for many volunteer opportunities. This includes Food BankCommunity Repaint and Street Soccer Academy.