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Social investment is any investment activity which has an expectation of both a social outcome and a financial return. For organisations it represents a form of repayable finance, that can be used for capital investment, revenue funding development, capacity building, or other ways of improving sustainability.  It is designed to help organisations increase their social impact, with the provision of capital. This in turn assists organisations as they deliver their services. Social investment is supporting economic growth, encouraging innovation in service delivery and enabling organisations to tackle some of the most difficult social challenges.. The UK is recognised as a world leader in social investment. Source

Social investment has the potential to transform lives. Whether it is helping prisoners turn over a new leaf upon release, reducing youth unemployment or tackling poverty, these projects are using finance to get to grips with some of the most difficult social problems facing us here and around the world. 
David Cameron – Prime Minister 

The Social Investment Awards reward people and organisations that have contributed to growing the UK social investment market.

Social Entrepreneurs Investment Award
The Social Entrepreneurs Investment Award is for an investment deal into an early stage social organisation to create demonstrable social impact. In 2016 this award was presented to Social and Sustainable Capital & Spacious Place Contact.

Social and Sustainable Capital (SASC) is a social enterprise and fund manager, created in 2012, to enable exceptional social sector organisations to scale the impact they make across the UK. Last year SASC gave a £1.5 million loan to Spacious Place Contact, an innovative start-up business, specialising in the support, training and employment of local people across Burnley and Greater Manchester. Spacious Place Contact pride themselves on employing people regardless of their background, including people coming out of prison and within the Criminal Justice System.