Our thoughts

The things that guide everything we do…

We think a lot. We love to play about with ideas. We are always curious about what could be.

Why? Because it is only through thinking differently that we can do different.

Here are some of our thoughts.

The power of connection

Connection is everywhere and in everything. 

Connection is our business at Spacious Place Life. It sparks creativity, innovation and provides infinite possibility. 

Imagine if we joined the dots differently across our businesses and organisations. What if we could better connect the things we did, our people and our ideas?

Just imagine the power of that.

Power of ConnectionPower of Connection

Do different

Why did we decide to do different?

Our Spacious Place Life story may start with a house, but there is a little more to it…

We’ll share the stories that inspired us to do different and explain why we started with housing. Then we’ll tell you about Spacious Place who, long before Spacious Place Life was born, have a history of doing things a bit differently. 

Do Different

The things we believe

  • Curiosity is essential. 
  • Health is everything. 
  • Stories change the world
  • Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling. 
  • Enjoy making stuff work. 
  • Trust in creativity.
  • Business is a force for good. 
  • Be brave, the future’s today. 
  • Simplicity is fundamental. 
  • Question what is, always. 
  • Possibility is everywhere. 
We BelieveWe Believe

Things we do

Creatively connecting health, design, technology and modern methods of construction…


A bit about us

We do different
House. Works. Connection.