Welcome to our Spacious Place Life website. We’re excited to finally share it with you and would love you to take a look around.

We’ve been working with the wonderful team at EQ to turn our vision into reality and today is the day we say ‘hello’ to the first phase our new website. We’re busy working on the next phase which will be ready later this year – but for now, we would like to say a big hello and welcome to Spacious Place Life.

Spacious Place might be a recognisable name to many of you (we’ve been around for a few years), but it was time for an evolution – it was time to think bigger, to think different, to look different. So, our Spacious Place Life business, alongside our new identify and look was born.

Hello…it’s time to do different

Spacious Place Website

Things we do

Creatively connecting health, design, technology and modern methods of construction…


A bit about us

We do different
House. Works. Connection.