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Creatively connecting health, design, technology and modern methods of construction…

We have a house, a technology platform, a training to employment model and a development and delivery partnership.

We connect our ideas, our Life House and Life Works with people, places and partners through imaginative projects.

The Life House

Meet our Life House.

It’s more than a house.

It’s where healthy and intelligent design intersects with technology, modern methods of housebuilding and our Life Works model. The Life House is beautifully crafted so everyone, everywhere can live easy, healthier and more thoughtful lives. Every home is supported by our Life Platform, a new digital concept for universal, healthy and easy living.

The Life HouseThe Life House

Life Works

Doing employment and training differently.

Engineering and creating our Life House in factories means we can train and employ people from the communities in which we work, leaving a legacy of skills and opportunity (not just buildings). Everyone deserves the opportunity to learn and grow and our unique Life Works model will start to make this a reality for everyone, everywhere.

Life Works

Projects and places

Take a look at some of our projects and places.

Healy Royd

Healey Royd development

Whats your problem

What’s your problem? Civic Data Cooperative

The Waterloo

The Waterloo re-invention


STELLAR project with UKRI

Slater Terrace

Slater Terrace workspaces

Sycamore Avenue

Sycamore Avenue development

PROJECTS Life Works factory at The Mill

Life Works factory at The Mill

Red Lees Road

Red Lees Road development

Partnerships and collaborations

Civic Data Coop
Gosling Consulting
Civic Data Coop
Gosling Consulting

We can achieve more together than we can alone. It’s why our default approach is collaboration and partnership – we aren’t experts in everything and we don’t need to be, because we work with great partners who are brilliant at the things they do. 

We work with public sector, social and commercial partners (including local authorities, industry, health, think-tanks and registered providers) and are always on the lookout for others who share our desire to do things a little different.

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